Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Here and Now!

Well here it is...my very own Blog! Inspired by my older brother (http://www.gazgibbs.blogspot.com/) and encouraged by my beloved husband Ste.

This blog, I hope will give those who read it a little insight into me and my life! I love reading Gaz' blog and seeing what my gorgeous nephews have been up to and reading, if you like, Gaz' thoughts, and though I don't want this to be a copy it will, I hope, have similarities. I hope it at least gives my children Faye and Thomas something to laugh at when they're older!

So firstly, let me introduce myself! I am Debbie Wood, born in 1972, in Wolverhampton.
I am a wife, mum, daughter, sister, auntie and friend. I am a Christian, who believes that Jesus died and rose again so that we can spend eternity with him and I firmly believe God loves every single one of us much more than we can begin to comprehend.

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  1. debbiedoos!!!!
    i nearly cried when i saw this. (nearly)
    lovely to be linked in this way. any Qs just ask sis.
    love ya.